What month is the best to buy a car?

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Timing is everything and you may be in your think tank to buy your wheels at the right time. To secure the best deal, know when and how to purchase your car with this blog

When is the best time to buy a car? The best month to purchase your wheels 

As you know, “Time is money”, and if this provision is well taken, you can secure any deal with the best remarks. The same is the case with your car purchase, you should acknowledge the best time to buy a car in Canada where you can save yourself some bucks along with sealing the most anticipated opportunity. Considering that, the best time to buy a car in Canada is generally ascribed to the end of the year including diverse deals and profits.

However, from a personal perspective, it is better to buy a car when your situation demands it along with considering your financial security to go ahead with the purchase. If you are looking for an opportunity to purchase a car, this blog from Carsfast exhibits the details to find the best time to do so.

Best time to buy a car in Canada

Whether you are aspiring to buy a used car or a brand-new car, you should highlight some important dates that can save you some fortune. Once you are aware of the market deals and offers that you can avail during some days, you can visit a dealership and secure the best price. While in the context of Canada, the end of the year is always in the limelight for lucrative deals and offers, you can also strike a bargain during some ideal months or weeks, given you mark your calendars at the right time.

While good times in the financial market can be specific, they are worth it in the end. The main correspondence to any purchase should be made through proper research and evaluation. Planning and deploying a time-bound strategy to buy a car can shape up your financial expenses, saving your hard-earned money.

Buying a car towards the end of the year

The end of the year is recognized as special for everyone, whether sales persons who want to accomplish their sales quota or customers who want to avail the offers of this period. Almost throughout the world, you will come across some special deals at this time of the year where used as well as brand new cars are on a huge display. Provided the opportunities around this time, you can visit the dealerships during this time, particularly the last weeks of December which are inclusive of holidays and revered days. 

Usually, the yearly sales begin during the fall and continue till the end of the year when dealerships are often looking to clear up their stocks. Even many manufacturers can offer huge discounts on finance and lease rates for many car models which you should be aware of. Moreover, if you are buying a car as a first-time buyer in Canada, plan your purchase during festivals like Christmas or Thanksgiving which can further toll your saving amount as you can get discount offers to cherish your brand-new or used purchase.

Buying a car towards the end of every month or quarter

If you are up to the market strategy, you may know that many dealerships have monthly targets along with yearly sales quotas. You should know that the automotive market is competitive in regard to offering bonuses on a monthly basis to the salespeople if they enhance the selling quota.

Therefore, a dealership may be ready to sell some cars at the end of the month at comparatively lower prices where you should be ready to shoot your purchase offer. You should also enhance your negotiating skills to realize your financial goals, where dealers can enhance your contract with additional bonuses to close off their sales. You can further discuss the financing options where you can obtain favorable interest rates, and boost your credit history if you have a bad credit score by being consistent with on-time payments.

Buying a car when new models are released

The inventory for any dealership is critical to evaluate its worth and overall venture. Dealerships often update their inventory at some specific time of the year, stocking up the most sought-after models and brands that are enough to catch the customer’s eye. While August and September are often designated as the upgrade months at the dealership, you can likely expect a drop in the available inventory, inclusive of brand-new or second-hand cars.

You can seize some valuable offers on previous models, though you may not be getting the latest flicks that are available with newer models. Nonetheless, you can negotiate a great deal during this time where you can still get a brand-new car enough to cater to your needs and prescribe to a modish element as well. Furthermore, you can also spot some deals during the spring season where dealers may be enhancing their inventory as well.

Best holidays to buy a car in Canada

While the end of the year can help you seal a valuable offer, there are other times designated as holidays when you can pay off a lower price as compared to other days of the year. If you are looking to find the best time to buy a used car in Canada, some festive days can also nurture your save the deal opportunity. Thanksgiving day, boxing day, or labor day are some of the best holidays where you can be prepared to take advantage of sealing a secure contract while buying a car.

But before you venture into the market, you need to stick around your financial budget and decide whether you are going to buy a used or brand-new car. You can also get pre-approved before financing your car which can help you in considering the whole process and know about the interest rates that are favorable if you have a good credit score.


Considering all the options, buying a car is a paramount decision that should come after you have enough money to cater to your financial needs along with the provision of time to shop around and find the best deals. It is also significant to avoid falling for some hoax that could land you into the abyss of heavy dues. Try to procure a deal that enables you to spend less and save more, while also clearing the validity of the offer before signing the contract.

If you are trying to unearth the best deals on auto loans, Carsfast can help you land in a safe place with optimum proposals.


What month offers the best car deals?

If we consider the whole year, December is usually considered the best time to buy a car where there are many holidays around the year’s end, allotting for many offers. Nonetheless, October and November are also counted as the most discounted months full of discounted trends and new options will upgrade inventory.

What is the cheapest month to buy a car?

You can avail of the cheapest purchase from October to December when many dealerships are in the process of upgrading their inventory. To attain their sales quota and sell their older models, they can offer you the cheapest prices to go ahead with your purchase. You can also get offers on other features, like financing.

Do prices go down at the end of the month?

If you are considering buying a car at the dealership, you can expect the prices to go down at the end of the month. The reason can be dealership goals where the auto manufacturers and dealers set an ideal quota to get accomplished at the end of every month which falling short can lead them to minimize the prices. 

When should I buy a car?

You should only go ahead with buying a car when you have ample sum at your disposal along with the proper strategy to go ahead with. You can acknowledge the best times of the year i.e. weekends, months like October to December, festival offers, end of the model year, etc. to buy a car.

How to buy a new car for the lowest price?

When you are trying to buy a new car for the lowest price, first try to find the vehicle that can realize your needs after which you can research the dealer’s invoice price, retail price, incentives, etc. Also, find multiple quotes to pick out the best deal that can save you a huge sum.

Is buying a 5 year car worth it?

The age of the car is a significant factor to depict its value where it depreciates with each year. Depending on the model, variant, and other demand factors, every year 10-25% of the car’s value depreciates. The optimal age to buy a car is usually between 5-10 years depending on how it is maintained and used over the years.


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