How inflation affects car loans?

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The Impact of Inflation on Car loans – How does it affect the car loan rates?

You may have heard the word inflation that will peek in the coming times. Do you know it can affect your car loan as well? Know about the whole process through this comprehensive blog.

High inflation is considered a distressing factor, and it can render an impact on your car-buying process as well. Inflation can affect the interest rates on your car loans which can make the financing procedure more burdensome. However, inflation can only sometimes make an auto loan a formidable process if your credit history proves your credibility and makes it easy to qualify for car loans.

However, the situation isn’t as simple as it seems for the buyers who are new in the market along with those who are dealing with bad credit scores. When the economy is falling short with skyrocketing prices, you can also expect the auto loans to be more vigorous. To know how inflation makes it harder to purchase a car, continue reading this blog from Carsfast.

Inflation and car loans in Canada

Before jumping into the repercussions of inflation on loan terms, first, you should fathom what it actually means. You may have heard that high inflation is around the corner with the economic recession around the globe. So, basically, inflation decreases the purchasing power of a currency leading to the skyrocketing of prices of goods and services.

It means the value of your money won’t fetch you the service or commodity as it used to, where you may see the prices of cars also going up leading to the impact on car loans in Canada. When the economic conditions fall into uncertainty and the cost of living increases, car prices along with other factors also go up. Therefore, inflation can affect car loans in Canada in the following ways.

How inflation affects the auto interest rates in Canada 

There is a central banking system, The Federal Reserve, in place to set up a benchmark on the lending rates which the private banks have to consider while fixing their interest rates on cars. Many times, the interest rates on car loans, new mortgages, etc may be raised by the system to slow down economic inflation.

The reason behind this strategy is to make people spend less in the economy inflated with higher prices. While you may observe that vehicle interest rates in Canada are rising, you may also notice that this process occurs over a period of time which gives you a benefit to being aware of the process and nabbing a good interest rate for your car loans.

As inflation leads to higher interest rates, it means you have to pay more money on interest when you apply for a car loan. However, on the other end, inflation can also prove helpful for the buyers as it can balance the financial market where cars can be easily accessible as well.

Inflation, car prices, and securing a loan

As noted before inflation can lead to an increase in the prices of goods and services, and the price of cars also goes up which can make the car buying deal more exorbitant. With the increase in the overall prices, the cost of producing any entity along with selling it becomes more expensive. When the means of production like the labor costs, raw materials, etc are tolling on a huge amount, you have to increase the whole price as well which makes car loans in Canada more costly.

When the prices of both new and used cars go high, you may need to come with a huge down payment or opt for a large amount of loan to qualify for the same. However, if you are a buyer with a good credit score and a decent income, lenders can give you some relaxation.

Impact of inflation on used and new cars

Inflation corresponds to the increase in the prices of both new and used products. Similarly, inflation isn’t limited to the price of new cars, where you can see that used vehicles are also getting more expensive. The average interest rate on used car loans also corresponds to a higher graph, making the buying procedure more complex.

Coming to contemporary times where economies are hit by pandemics and new challenges, inflation can persist for longer times where the used car prices will remain on the higher side. The used car can become more of a challenge during these times as the fuel costs along with car insurance which is more utilized here have increased in a similar fashion.

Tips to cope with inflation when applying for a car loan

When your currency isn’t fetching you the deal it used to be, you can follow these tips when you are applying for a car loan in Canada:

  • Fixed interest rates: As inflation is looming around the world where the central bank is pushing towards higher interest rates, fixed interest rate car loans can be ideal here. If you can ascribe to the current interest rates on car loans in Canada, you can save some bucks here as the price will remain the same for you during the entire repayment period.
  • A certified and recognized vehicle: If you want to apply for a car loan, always do your prior research about the vehicle that you’re going to buy. Look into the car brand and model that has been recognized as best over the years which can be reliable even during inflation. Besides, you can also look for certified pre-owned vehicles when you are going for a used vehicle.
  • Avoid falling for higher interest rates: While the average car loan interest rate in Canada for new loans is around 5.2%, it can generally increase by a margin of one to three during inflation. But beware of falling for unreasonable interest rates which can land you in the risky category of buyers, resulting in bad credit scores.


As inflation is expected to continue over the coming months and years, interest rates will also soar along with car prices. If you are considering applying for a car loan, it is better to go ahead at the right time as it may save you in the future. Choose the right car for you and negotiate the interest rates and overall price of your car loan to make it your best financial decision.

Secure your financial journey by choosing Carsfast where you can clutch on to the best auto loan interest rates and deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does inflation affect my car payment?

Inflation affects the overall price of commodities and services, including car loans where you have to pay high interest rates. Higher interest rates mean you will be paying more for your vehicle, which will increase your monthly payment as a result. Besides, you may spend more on interest repayments with high inflation.

Do rising interest rates affect car loans?

When you are applying for a car loan during the rising interest rates, you are supposed to pay more on the car price. Your monthly payments will increase and you will be paying more at the end of your loan repayment journey. Besides, high interest rates can also constrain the demand for car loans.

Why are car interest rates so high in Canada?

With the pandemic swirling around the world along with the war waging in Ukraine, the price of goods and services is getting higher day by day in Canada. To cope with inflation, Central banks are raising the interest rates where cheap credit is no longer available, accounting for high interest rates in Canada.

Who benefits from inflation, borrowers or lenders?

When it comes to inflation, it can benefit both borrowers and lenders, depending on the situation. As for borrowers, inflation leads them to pay back money that is less worthy than the money which was borrowed from the lenders. For lenders, high prices and raising interest rates have an advantage for them.

How will the interest rate on auto loans influence the industry?

When it comes to the interest rate, the automobile industry is quite susceptible to its changes. As the interest rates rise, the services of debt become more expensive and the company needs to increase the costs and sales to make some profits. Lower interest rates lead to easy financing options accounting for higher sales.


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