Checklist to Help your Auto Loan Approval Process

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With your hands steadily bringing home the bacon, you may be looking to hit the top list of your dreams, i.e. buying a car, along with considering the checklist to the auto loan approval process to make the dream come true. There may be a series of questions regarding that, which will be explained here.

Auto loan approval process

You may have made up your mind about buying a car and would be thinking about the auto loan and its associated approval process. If you are having a reliable financial income and a good credit score, you are guaranteed to get through the auto loan approval process. The auto lenders always check if the payee is financially sound to repay the car loan while going through his credit score range. But things might be a muddle for you when you are seeking auto loan credit for the first time. It is always better to be well-versed in the process and remain up to date with the required documents that can help you get a car loan quickly.

So, if you are assessing the requirements of an auto loan process, you are at the right place for checklists to keep you updated with the requirements. As Atul Gawade connotes the importance of these:

“We are besieged by simple problems. Checklists can provide protection”

Auto Loan documents and checklist 

The requirements for an auto loan can vary, but generally, you should have sufficient income, a credit history of paying back debts on time, and credit. There are other documents that you need to fulfill in order to increase the chances of the fast-paced processing of your loan to accomplish your dream hassle-free. Most car financiers keep the process and documents same for the car loans, which are discussed below.

Checking your credit score range

Auto lenders require your credit scores when you are applying for a loan, where you will be supposed to give your social security number, name, address, and date of birth. Your credit history will also be assessed to confirm your credit accounts, why and when you opened them, your credit loan amount, your account balance, and your payment history. 

A Good credit score will determine whether you are good enough for the loan, according to which your loan rates will also be deciphered. You can check your credit scores beforehand through us or any other online sources.

KYC and official requirements for auto loan lenders 

Auto lenders need to confirm the identification of a customer along with confirming his income, age, address, etc. as;

  • Proof of identity: Your auto loan lender will confirm your identity where you are supposed to show your driver’s license, passport, or any other government–issued identity you possess. It should have your photograph and name of yours, for sure. 
  • Proof of income: It is important for a lender to confirm if the borrower is able to make auto loan payments where income proof is required. Bank statements, tax returns, income details, and pay stubs will be assessed before giving a nod to your auto loan.
  • Proof of insurance: As per the law, you are required to insure your car, which will be checked by the lender so that it is clear you are covered before approving the loan. You can contact any insurance company and secure it, or if you are already paying for an insurance premium, you only need to show the related documentation.
Confirm the auto lending rates 

Depending on the car model you are purchasing, your car loan interest rates will be decided, which generally start around 8.7 % per annum. It is better to confirm the loan rates across many lenders to get the best deal around the corner. You can prefer going with your existing bank as it may offer preferential car loan interest rates. Besides, you can check in to other banks or lending marketplaces for other offers, and compare them using online resources as well.

Check loan repayment terms

You need to confirm the EMI amount you are going to pay, where the amount and time period of the loan will decide the same. You can confirm your affordability by deducing your expenses from the budget, along with EMIs. You should be aware of the fact that a higher EMI accounts for lower interest rates, but before opting for that do checklist your total expenses and other investments. Dave Ramsey gives us a hint about it:

“A lower interest rate doesn’t make a debt go away”.

It is better that you clear most of the amount as a down payment which can help in lowering the loan amount and EMI as well. Additionally, if your income is on the lower side, you can keep a longer tenure on the loan. 

Furthermore, you need to obtain complete information about your vehicle including bill of sale, purchase price, vehicle identification number, year, make, and model. If you are buying a used car, you will be required to obtain the above information from the seller.

You should have a budget in your mind along with the necessary documents which can swiftly approve your loan proposal. Auto credit lenders need these documents to verify your credibility and financial stability. Also, try to know about your credit score and other loan offers that you can take advantage of, which can be done through online research and individual market assessment. In case of improving your chances, you can reduce your debts, if any, to validate your financial repayment. You can also use a car affordability calculator to check how much you need for how long, which will be enquired about at the time of proposing a loan. 

If you are ready with the steps mentioned above, start with a quick note and get approved for the right vehicle.


What do auto lenders look for when approving a loan?

The auto lender needs to verify your name, address, income, etc. to confirm your reliability before approving a loan. The main documents that you are required to present:

  • Proof of income and employment
  • Personal details, including name, address, date of birth, number, etc.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Information about the vehicle including vehicle identification number, model, year of manufacturing, current mileage, etc.
  • Credit history
What is the best way to get approved for a car?

If you are done with choosing the right vehicle, you should finalize a lender for that. In order to get swift approval for your car loan, you can begin by researching the best auto loan lender along with confirming the status of eligibility. Once you ascertain that, you can checklist the necessary documents and your credit history to get approved. 

How can I increase my chances of getting a car loan?

You can try some of the ways that can increase your chances of getting a car loan, such as:

  • Try to pay your debts on time, so that you lower the total amount which can validate your repayment identity as a customer.
  • Try to improve your credit score by closing off your previous dues, in case your score is low.
  • Check the eligibility criteria thoroughly.
  • Arrange all the required documents.
What is the most important consideration of banks in approving a loan?

For any financial institution, there are many factors that they consider before approving a loan, where there can be slight variations for different auto lenders. But the most basic characteristics that are considered are as follows: 

  • Consent to credit score check
  • Collateral available to secure the loan
  • Character and repayment history
  • Income, age, and margin money
  • Government-issued identification
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